Aug 012015
Due dates for the Month of August 2015
Service Tax
– Service Tax payments by Companies for July
Central Excise#
– Payment of Excise Duty for all Assessees other than SSI Units for July
Income Tax
– TDS Payment for July
Central Excise
– Monthly Return in Form ER-1 (Ann-12) for other than units availing SSI exemption for July
– Monthly Return in Form ER-2 (Ann-13) by 100% EOUs for July
– Monthly information relating to principal units in Form ER-6 (Ann – 13AC) for specified assessees for August.
– Exports – Procurement of specified goods from EOU for use in manufacture of Export goods in Form Ann-17B for DTA units, procuring specified goods from EOU for manufacture of export goods.
– Proof of Exports in form Ann.-19, once in a month for all exporters, exporting goods under Bond
– Export details in Form Ann.-20, for Manufacturing following simplified export procedure.
– Removal of excisable goods at concessional rate in Form Ann. -46 for Manufacturers receiving the excisable goods for specified use at concessional rate of duty in terms of Rules described in Col. 4.
Provident Fund
– PF Payment for July
– ESIC Payment for July
– MVAT Monthly Return for July (Eligibility as per Mahavat Website)

– Monthly Payment of July
– Annual Information Return.
Profession Tax
– Monthly Return (covering salary paid for the preceding month) (Tax Rs. 50,000 or more)
Central Excise
– Particulars relating to clearances, electricity load etc., in Form Ann.-4 exceeding the limit of Rs. 90 lakhs of exempted clearances for small scale units availing exemption and whose turnover exceeds or has exceeded Rs. 90 lakhs in a financial year, as the case may be.
* If payment of MVAT is made as per time prescribed, additional 10 days are given for uploading e-return
# if Excise Duty / Service Tax paid electronically through internet banking, the date is to be reckoned as 6th instead of 5th.
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