Sep 192013

Digital Signature for Employee Online Transfer Claim Portal

The transfer of the EPF accounts is now possible online for all the EPF subscribers. The form for the same is made available on Online Transfer Claim Portal. The submission of claims for transfer of Provident Fund Account of the Employee Provident Fund Organization members is now possible online. The employers are supposed to get their email ids registered on the portal. For the launch of this facility, the EPFO has introduced a claim form for the purpose.

The Employees Provident Fund Organization has directed its over 120 field offices to delegate a nodal officer for the purpose of registration of digital signatures of the firms. Firms may upload their digital signatures online through the EPFO website( on the online transfer claim portal.Depending on how many people register their digital signatures, will determine the success of online transfer of PF account as the digital signatures are a prerequisite for providing the facility.

The revised transfer claim form is verified by the previous employer or the present employer before submission. Earlier the form could be verified only by the previous employer alone. The members can apply for the transfer through their employers.

A central clearance house has been set up for the purpose of application of PF withdrawals and transfer claim settlements by the subscribers. The service has made the transfer process easy, convenient and less time consuming, and the 13 lakh subscribers every year will now benefit from this service. Online Testing of the service has yielded positive results and the outcomes have proved its success.

Sources have informed that the live online testing of the service was planned prior to its launch. And for this purpose workers from selected organizations will be allowed to transfer their online claims. The IT sector constitutes 80 percent of the transfer claims, and as per the data available, the body has managed 6.9 lakhs organizations in 2011-12. For this year, i.e. 2013-14, the expected claims are estimated to come up to 1.2 crores including 13 lakh PF claims.

According to the citizen charter, the transaction process should be completed in 30 days. But this time, with the new online transfer service coming up, the body has decided to complete the transfer of PF account in 3 days.