Jan 242023
Why Is Recruitment Software So Important To An Organization?

In today’s competitive job market, recruitment software is crucial in helping organizations find the right talent. Recruitment software is a powerful tool that helps organizations manage their recruitment process efficiently. It allows them to automate the process of finding, screening, [Read More]

Jan 102023
Implement A Performance Management Process In Your Company.

Performance management is an essential aspect of employee life. It can assess and improve performance, give feedback, identify training needs, and reward outstanding performance. Performance management helps employees achieve their goals by providing feedback on how they are performing in [Read More]

Jan 062023
TDS on Purchase of Immovable Property from Non-Residents.

1. Rate of TDS deduction. According to section 195(1), any person responsible for paying to a non-resident, not being a company, or to a foreign company, any interest other than interest referred to in section 194LB or section 194LC or [Read More]

Jan 042023

  Appended below is the Pan India Compliance calendar for January 2023, employer is under obligation to contribute towards some of the above-mentioned compliances for the welfare of the employees. Each of these compliances is again governed by a set [Read More]

Dec 302022
Due dates for the Month of January 2023

07th TDS TDS Payment for November 2022. 10th GST Return for authorities deducting tax at source – GSTR 7 for November 2022. Details of supplies effected through e-commerce operators and the amount of tax collected – GSTR 8 for November [Read More]

Dec 192022
Scope of Reasonable Cause For Not Levying Penalty Under Section 221 For Non-Payment of TDS.

Penalty under section 221 is levied when there is a default in payment of tax. Under sub-section (1) of section 221, the assessing officer is empowered to impose a penalty where an assessee is in default or is deemed to [Read More]

Dec 102022
Importance and Purpose of Exit Management System.

What is an Exit Management System? No matter how great your company culture, learning & development program, or business leaders are, there is one certainty: Employees will quit. You won’t be able to keep every employee, especially in this day [Read More]

Dec 032022
Requirement of RERA Registration on receipt of Occupation Certificate vis-a-vis Completion Certificate.

All real estate projects are required to be registered with the RERA of the respective State so that authorities have jurisdiction over the projects. However, there is a dispute over the issue as to the date on which the requirement [Read More]