Feb 082013

TRACES- The new online platform for TDS by Income Tax Department

The Income Tax Department has come up to launch a new website for TDS (Tax Deduction at Source). The web address of this new online format is https://www.tdscpc.gov.in TRACES is the name given to this system which stands for TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System and has been set up by TDS Centralised Processing Cell of the income-tax department. A user friendly interface in an online format; facilitating ease of accessibility to its users. The site covers features that will assist deductors and tax -payers in viewing, downloading, accessing information on the pertaining subject matters.

Register and become a member on this portal.

Users need to register on the website in order to make use of the services offered by the web based portal. This TDS exclusive website will replace the old website TIN NSDL. The previously registered members on the NSDL site can use their login details on the new website as well. And the new users can sign up as a new user. The details regarding the same have been given under the ‘FAQ’ section. Registration onwards, the users can access all the facilities and services available on the site. In case the existing member login fails, the user shall register once as a new user on the portal.

The Functionalities enable the users to the following:

  • Registration of a admin user for a TAN
  • Creation of sub users by admin users
  • View the challan status
  • View annual tax credit statements (form26AS)
  • Download justification reports
  • download Form 16/16A
  • download the NSDL consolidated file
  • Download Consolidated TAN-PAN File
  • Download Justification report
  • PAN verification
  • Brief of deductors’ account
  • Online registration of TAN
  • Online filing of TDS Statements
  • Provide feedback

The annual tax credit deducted for the TDS/TCS amount by the deductors will be viewed by the tax payers. The website is beneficial for both, tax payers as well as tax collectors. The tax payers can view the status and statements whereas the deductors can view and download the related forms, etc. This effort by the concerned department is to aid the deductors and deductees at every possible step and improve the service mechanism as per the feedback of the users.