Apr 012014

Running a successful business has always been an extremely challenging task and there are many things that you need to take into serious consideration. We, at Sensys Technologies, are aware that not everyone has what it takes to have complete control over all the aspects that make a business successful, and that is especially true for small and medium businesses. So, we’ve decided to invest our time and experience in creating the best payroll management software on the market. The result of our efforts is called EasyPAY.Web – Web based Payroll Management Software.

EasyPAY.Web is a completely web-based hr payroll software that takes care of the HR records of every employee that works for you. What this means is that you will always know exactly how much you are supposed to pay your employees. Additionally, you will have more time to dedicate yourself to growing your business’ capacity and getting the attention of many potential customers.

So, it’s safe to say that when it comes to managing the payroll, you always need to know where you stand with all the salaries, bank transfers, reimbursements and other statutory payments that you make. Thankfully, EasyPAY.Web’s user-friendly interface serves as a guarantee that you will get all the reports you need with just a few clicks, giving you the time you need to focus on all the areas that need immediate improvement.

Our company, Sensys Technologies, is very proud of the fact that it is considered the number one choice of countless small and medium businesses. Thanks to our payroll software team, we have witnessed the birth and growth of many corporations and companies, and we will not stop until we make sure that everyone in India makes the most of EasyPAY.Web a payroll software we are proud to call our own.

Mar 182014

Benefits of Payroll Software as a Service (SaaS)

With payroll software service you can keep yourself totally untroubled of the entire payroll process from start to finish. The service is available 24×7 and you are free to decide when, how and how often to run the payroll.

Payroll software as a service emerged as a need to simplify the payroll manager’s job. It completely takes care of paying your staff accurately on time and keeping your organisation compliant with current payroll legislation. The software assists the payroll department in managing the process more efficiently thus reducing the administration effort and time consumed.

Using payroll software as a service aids in a way as new enhancements and functionalities are added periodically. Changes in legislation are incorporated so as to make sure that your organisation makes the best use of its payroll software. You can have free updates to your payroll software on a regular basis. Regular and free updates to payroll tax tables. You no longer need to run nightly / weekly backups to protect your data.

It is more affordable and eases off the burden that one encounters in traditional payroll services. Apart from providing the same features of a traditional payroll service at a lesser value, SaaS payroll services facilitates a convenient way of entering payroll that saves time.

Now you can process payroll with 100% accuracy, control and flexibility. Below are some benefits of opting for SaaS payroll services are as follows:

•    The payroll software takes care of payroll deductions, payroll calculations and tax calculations thus omitting the chances of error as in case of manual calculations.
•    The software gathers employee data like the leaves, arrears, reimbursements, advances and loans that are essential in order to generate payroll for the staff on punctually.
•    The automated payroll helps an organization by saving time and resources and effectively delivering the services.  The personnel involved in the payroll process can be utilized for other meaningful tasks while the payroll software handles the task of the former.
•    All it takes is a click to quickly view any reports; the reports are designed in such a way that every minute detail is recorded for stress free reference at any point of time.
•    All the data is easily available at one place by way of automated payroll services and the payroll thus maintained is assured to be error free.
•    Goals like verifications and clarifications with respect to pay, deductions and other payroll information are more easily achievable.
•    A SaaS brings credibility and integrity within an organization as the process is transformed into a more efficient, reliable, quick and systematic one.
•    Costs associated with hardware and software maintenance are saved and it wipes out the need to install any software on your local PC.

Surely it is time to revamp your payroll system with the software service that comes with so many advantages. It definitely makes sense to opt for something that is easier, beneficial and more advanced.

Oct 122012

A Window to Online Payroll  Management

Payroll Software as a Service is an Online Solutions that takes care of all your HR Mechanism which covers employee Management, Payroll Processing, Employee Self Service, Online Leave Application, Recruitment, Performance Management etc.  You can have instant access to payroll system 24/7 from anywhere, any time via internet as far as Software as a Service (SaaS) concept is concern. If you are planning to hire payroll functions, but wish to retain control over the payroll in-house, then Payroll Software as a service is the perfect solution to meet your exact requirements.

Online Payroll Software as a Service which reduces overhead and increases efficiency for complete payroll management to individuals, Payroll Consultants & all small, medium and large business enterprises.  Online Payroll Software as a Service is an instrumental catalyst and adds a fuel to the growth of companies for easy administration related to accounting and management of employee’s payroll.

Advantages of Payroll Software as a Services (SaaS):

  1. No Huge upfront cost. Pay on monthly basis.
  2. No software or hardware to purchase, install or maintain.
  3. Free from worries of Data backup, viruses etc.
  4. Available 24 by 7.
  5. Reduces Employees queries & paper works to 90%.
  6. A more convenient and far less time-consuming method for an access to payroll.
  7. Automatically takes care of the updates related to statutory and legal compliance.
  8. It’s safe, secure, and guaranteed to be accurate.
  9. Focuses on core competency & drags your attention on the core business functions of the company giving you 100% peace of mind.

In Online Payroll Software as a Service, HR Professionals can use click-buttons to generate pay-slip, bank statements, statutory reports of PF, ESI and income tax reports.