Jan 062014

Dear Deductor,

A new version 4.1 & 2.137 of the File Validation Utility (FVU) have been released by NSDL.

As the due date of filing of quarterly TDS statement for third quarter of FY 2013-14 is approaching fast, you are advised to use the new version of EasyTDS and validate the file with new FVU to submit TDS statements, well before due date (15th January for Non-Government deductors and 31st January for Government deductors).

The new versions of FVU features following significant changes from the previous:

->> Discontinuation of functionality to delete Deductee records: For the purpose of correct reporting, deletion of Deductee rows is no longer permissible in the TDS statements.
->> Date of deduction should not pertain to previous quarter: The relevant quarter in a TDS statement is determined by the date of deduction. Further, to correct any transaction having a Default, there would be a necessity to report transactions, where date of deduction may be of subsequent quarter. In the light of above, Date of deduction in deductee records should not be that of previous quarter. For example, if the statement pertains to Q3 of FY 2013-14 (i.e. Oct- Dec 2013), then the date of deduction should not be earlier than 01/10/2013.
->> Please note that the challan paid with a specific section code can be utilised for consumption with any other section code in the Deductee rows. For example, a challan with Section Code 194I can be used for any other sections 193, 194, 194A etc. in the challan detail row.
->> Generation of Form 27A by TDS/TCS FVU: An acknowledgement in form 27A can now be generated and printed using the new versions of EasyTDS and FVU.

Sep 282012

File Validation Utility version 3.6 released by NSDL

 File Validation Utility version 3.6 has been released with the following considerations,

  • FVU Version 3.6 will be in effect from 16th October 2012.
  • Upto October 15, 2012, FVU version 3.5 & FVU version 3.6 can be used.
  • For instance, Quarter 2 TDS Statement for F.Y. 2012-13, can be validated with FVU 3.5 and FVU 3.6, if filed by  15th October 2012.
  • Upto FVU 3.5, challan file was optional, but in effect from 16th October 2012, while validating e-TDS File through FVU version 3.6, challan file has become mandatory, this can be downloaded from the TIN Website under Challan Status Enquiry.
  • Challan file is only required while validating e-TDS file, in case TDS amount gets deposited through challans.
  • Deductor who does not use challan for depositing TDS, will not be required to provide challan file during TDS validation.
  • Challan file is require for validation in case of regular statement & in case of correction statement, challan file is required in following scenarios
    • Updation of Challan
    • Updation of Deductee &  corresponding challan
    • Addition of Challan.

Following Section has been introduced.


Code to be quoted in Quarterly TDS/TCS Statement

to TDS/TCS statement Form No.





FY 2011-12




FY 2012-13




FY 2012-13




FY 2012-13

Two Flags have been introduced:

Flag O: – Form no. 24Q included Flag “O” explains the salary details of Super Senior Citizen (above the age 80) and has been into force since FY 2011-12 onwards.
Flag S: – Flag S, as per ITD notification dated 21/2012, for software vendor transaction in (Form 26Q – Section code 194J and 27Q –Section code 195) and has come into effect from FY 2011-12 onwards.