Aug 012017
Manner of taxation of transportation of goods under GST

Manner of taxation of transportation of goods under GST Timely and smooth transportation of goods play an important role in supply chain distribution system of any economy. Effective cost of transportation is important for pricing of a product not only [Read More]

Jul 262017

Whether educational institutions are also liable to get registered under GST? Are education institute are liable to be pay GST: Rate of GST on services as prescribed by government under Sr. No. 69 is given below: of Services Rate Sr. [Read More]

Jul 252017

Common mistake occurred in transition to GST regime I have personally identified some mistakes which business man are doing in the transition process from existing acts to GST regime. If the data is not properly synchronize properly from the very [Read More]

Jul 242017

GST and TDS calculation under Income Tax Act Circular no 23/2017 of CBDT: The Central Board of Direct Taxes (the Board) had earlier issued Circular No. 112014 dated 13.01.2014 clarifying that wherever in terms of the agreement or contract between [Read More]