Nov 192012

Time & Attendance Machines

Biometric machine, the most adorable print verification system is an exemplary solution for time and attendance. The Machine holds the record of check-in and check-out of registered users. The biometric machine can be directly connected to the computer system to transfer data with USB device like pen drive. It takes no time to identify the thumb impression.

Today, the biometric identification tool comes in compact design, efficient working, and optimum quality. Due to enhanced performance, superior technology and durable standards, these machines are highly demanded by small and big industrial units. These sophisticated identification tool is used in various private corporations and widely demanded in privately-owned organizations. The machine offers accurate & reliable operating system and does not cost cumbersome maintenance. These door access control systems are compatible with finger prints.

This cutting-edge technology access control system facilitates business operation. The machine offers wide range of time and attendance solutions and helps generate day-wise and month-wise variety of time and attendance reports. As per shift and department, time recording gives the company’s HR manager a solace in working on payroll processing, and payroll calculation. These biometric machines are widely welcomed due to their impeccable make and adequate durability. These biometric electronic gadgets are highly appreciated for measure properties which include high data storage, handiness, and easily operable buttons. The machine records and spots employee’s number of hours he worked in a day, week or month. Today’s many industries already started using biometric machines. These machines are being in use on massive scale to meet today’s prevailing industry norms.

The biometric machine has got the capacity of capturing thousands of fingerprints. The biometric machine is accompanied by intelligent fingerprint recognition technology interface which can easily identify the changes in the fingerprint. The bio-metric machine itself provides a cost effective attendance solution. The machine is known for its user friendliness, easy installation, longer service life and accurate performance. The machine is trusted for precision readings, output for a good reading and reasonable finger print analysis. The system is well operated, compact in size and precise in application. The machine has got capacity to store 4,500 to 5,000 fingerprint templates and 1,00,000 to 3,00, 000 transaction records.

This verification system’s mechanism is known for its dependability and hi-fidelity. This biometric identification device helps avoid unofficial access of unauthorized people. Flexibility of report generation adorns the office as an ideal office automation tool for time management purpose. The sophisticated fingerprint recognition system brings in quick and accurate identity. Biometric Fingerprint System has got fingerprint authentication system for access control. Private corporations in various scales, factories, government or public institutions, and places wherever access control is needed make use of biometric machines.

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  1. nicely explained by you.Time Attendance Machine in Ahmedabad best information you have shared..

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  3. Yes completely agree machine any thing that can reduce your efforts is machine.

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