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Chennai New Profession tax slab 2018

The Profession Tax assessment and collection is coming under the provision of tax on professions, trades, calling & employments, under the Tamil nadu Municipal Laws (Second Amendment) Act 1998 Profession Tax is higher source of income next to Property Tax. The Profession Tax assessment is calculated based of the Half Yearly gross income for the following categories.

  • Individuals
  • Private Establishment
  • Salaried People (Central and State Govt.)
  • Company

Every Company transacts business and every person who is engaged actively or otherwise in any Profession, Trade, Calling and Employment with the Greater Chennai Corporation city limits has to pay half-yearly Profession Tax, as per section 138 C of Tamil nadu Municipal Laws Second Amendment Act 59 of 1998. The tax rates are given below in the table in Form-2. for assessment of Profession Tax has to make an application for registration.

Based on the gross income declared by the Half Yearly Profession Tax will be calculated as per the Table given below:

After 10 Years the respective act has been amended he new slab is given below

Sl.No. Average Half-Yearly Income Half Yearly Profession tax Old Slab
Half yearly Profession Tax w.e.f. 01.04.2018
1 Up to 21,000 NIL NIL
2 21,001 30,000 100/- 135/-
3 30,001 45,000 235/- 315/-
4. 45,001 60,000 510/- 690/-
5 60,001 75,000 760/- 1025/-
6 75,001 and above 1095/- 1250/-

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  1. Rutuja Dongare

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  2. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I wanted to know how to calculate the profession tax of a employee based out at Chennai?
    For eg:
    Mr. X draws gross salary of Rs. 35000, Rs. 43000, Rs. 35000, Rs. 35000, Rs. 35000, Rs. 35000 for the 6 months each. What will be the professional tax deducted from his salary as of 2019?
    Please suggest.

  3. If I am retiring on 30 06 2019 should I pay pt for the period 1 04 2019 to 30 06 2019 jaganathan 9094703229

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