Nov 222012

Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund (MLWF)

Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund has become effective in the year 1953 and is applicable to all the companies in the state that has 5 or more persons employed, who are considered contract labours as per the Act. 

Includes all employee, including employee through contractor, except those working in the managerial or supervisory position and drawing wages more than Rs. 3,500/- per month.

These funds are considered as fringe benefits since they are offered through collective contribution which is supported by employee, employer who contributes three-times of the amount contributed by the employee and the state government.


Here contribution from an employee is of Rs12/- while the employer contributes Rs.36/-. The total contribution comes to Rs.48/-.


The periodicity is 30th June and 31st December. The last date for submission is 15th July and 15th January respectively.


The Employer has to maintain the entire record against the fund transaction failure to which there is a penalty. If the employer is not able to produce the records or documents stating details of the fund and employee details,
1. The employer may get a three months term or Rs 500/- fine or both.
2. For subsequent offences, six months term or fine of Rs 1000/- or both.


  53 Responses to “Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund (MLWF)”

  1. Dear Sir,

    Want to change Company Address…in MLWF pl.Help or Info Procedure…

  2. Dear Sir,

    Want ot change Company Address…in MLWF pl.Help or Info Procedure…

  3. Sir,

    We are company from tamilnadu & working in Mumbai tana., our work is electrical work in construction industry laying of electrical items in the concrete.
    Our total staff strength is 5 persons not more than that. if we falls in this category. kindly clarify
    Raja K
    Cape Electric

  4. Hi, MLWF is for non managerial staff. Which employees not afford classes for extra activity for children. There are Kamgar Kalyan Kendra’s who provide basic courses in nominal fees,libraries,indoor sports, arrange yearly competition s etc

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  6. sir
    how can deposite of MWLF online upto Dec 2017,

  7. Thanks for the FANTASTIC post! This information is really good and thanks a ton for sharing it..I m looking forward despee that ever did that. Keep it up…

  8. MLWF contribution on his in hand salary or gross salary, one of employees gross salary rs 9300/- but his in hand salary rs2800/- whichMLWF contribution rate rs 6/- or rs12/-

  9. Where to apply for new code of MLWB. Please reply

  10. Hi need a clarification

    If salary for may is paid in June whether LWF would be deducted from salary of may paid in June??


    • Dear Sanober,

      No. You must deduct LWF contribution paid for June month in July and paid before 15th July and same for December month contribution in January by 15th. If you have any query please feel free to write me on

      Sameer Sayyad

  11. seniors,

    this charges of ec 12/- & er 36/- is monthly right???

  12. Dear Sir,

    please help me login on this site provide the link on my mobile no 9969413692

    Thanks & Regards

  13. Hi,

    We are from Karnataka, having contract in Maharastra whether we need to register MLWF ?
    Kindly help me out.

  14. In case employee has resigned in the month of June is MLWF to be deducted?

  15. sir,

    agar hum pf & esic me covered hai to bhi mlwf katna hai?

  16. dear sir,
    if we have covered in epf & esic acts.what, we are deducted mlwf in our emploees .its true or not

  17. Whether The MLWF Act is applicable to Hospitals in Maharashtra ?

  18. Please suggested me MLWF help to employees on critical medical background of their child if required?


  20. Dear Sir,

    What is the procedure to make Online Payment of Labour Welfare Fund as our office is at Mumbai.

    May I request you to provide us the weblink that will direct us to the payment gateway of Maharashtra Labour Welfare Board for Easy Payment Sir.

    JRK Prasad

  21. how to make mlwh payment online

  22. Sir ,please clear that 36/- rs is for 6 month or one month

  23. Dear Sir,

    if the out of state contractor working in Maharashtra. they can need to MLWF registration in Maharashtra?

  24. mlwf are not applicable in maharashtra

  25. as your wish u can pay

  26. Dear Sir,
    If we fail to pay LWF in any year of June and Dec LWF contribution. so how much interest or penatly should we pay. And please clarify the rate of LWF.

  27. Is there any Change in Welfare Contribution. If any employee worked for 15 days in the month of June and earned below Rs 3000 Can the welfare contribution is Rs 6 or rs 12 ?

  28. Sir / Madam,
    If suppose we had misout to deduct LWF from Salary of respective month of June.13 & Dec.13 month.So what is the next procedure or any Penaulty Clause for the same.Pls suggest on that.

    Deepak K

  29. Is MLWF deductible on senior citizen’s salary receipts?

  30. What is the Form prescribed for Contribution of MLWF.

    • Employees drawing wages up to & inclusive of Rs. 3000/- Per Month.
      EEC @ Rs. 6.00 per employees
      EEC @ Rs. 18.00 per employees.
      Employees drawing wages exceeding Rs. 3000/- Per Month.
      EEC @ Rs. 12.00 per employees
      EEC @ Rs. 36.00 per employees.

  31. How many and what are the facilities of MLWF organisation ?.
    And also what are the rights of employee against MLWF ?.

  32. Hi,
    What are the benefits of this law to employee and employer, please specify.

  33. I got the idea about Maharashtra Labour Welfare Fund (MLWF). But when emplyoee will get fringe benefit. Please mention the period that employee will get fringe benefit & can withdraw the money.

  34. Hi
    there is so much of confusion with MLWF rate… can you also provide the circular that states the MLWF rate is only Rs.12 and not both Rs. 6/- and Rs.12/-

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