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HRMThread HRMS is very easy, flexible and user-friendly Web based Human Resource Management software that takes care of all your requirements relating to accounting and management of Employeea�?s Database, Recruitment, Training, PMS & Exit Management.

Key Feature Details:

HR Database / Functions
  • General Information
  • Personal Information
  • Address/ Contact details
  • Employee Qualification
  • Family Members/ Emergency contacts
  • PF Nominee/ LIC Nominee/ Gratuity Nominee
  • Work Experience
  • Passport/Visa details
  • Insurance details
  • Organisation/ Hierarchy/ Reporting Structure
  • Achievements
  • Vehicle/ Driving Licence details
  • Employee Trainings
  • Employee Appraisals/ Questions/
  • Question Groups/ Questionnaire Designer
  • Employees Documents/ Photos / Attachments
  • Employee Targets/ Commitments
  • Employee Skills
  • Complete Tracking of Employee Movement between
  • Branches/ Departments/ Grades/ Designations
Recruitment Management
  • Manpower Requisition Form and related Workflow for approvals
  • Vacancy Creation and related work flow for approvals
  • User friendly Resume Database Management
  • Easy Integration of Online Resume Submission by candidate
  • Online test for candidate
  • Review, Shortlist, Tag Candidate Profiles
  • Search in Resume Database for keywords, Vacancy Requirements Search inside records, CVs, notes, emails etc.
  • Schedule Interview Rounds with Automatic alert to Candidates through Emails
  • Update Interview Results with Automatic alert to Candidates through Emails
  • Generate Offer Letters to candidates with Automatic Alert to Candidates through Emails
  • Generate Appointment Letters to candidates with Automatic Alert to Candidates through Emails
  • Post/View/browse Candidate Details, Notes, Emails, History, CV at simple clicks
  • Bulk Email to candidates

Training Management
  • User defined Training Course / Course Categories available
  • Course Program can be created resulting into Training Schedule for a given Training Year
  • While designing Courses, Qualifying Skills, Qualifying Courses, Disqualifying courses,
  • Reading Links etc. can be maintained
  • Faculty / Coordinator and External Agency masters can be maintained
  • Nominations can be done through
    • Employee can nominate himself Online for the training through self nomination
    • Manager can nominate his subordinates for the training
    • Nomination can also be done due to Training Need Analysis
  • Direct Cost and indirect cost per employee can be maintained
  • Employees training cost can be calculated based on the formula
  • Trainings Schedule for the calendar is pre-defined and available to the employees online
  • After the training, Feedback can be posted by employees and faculty / trainer can also post the rating of the participant employees
  • Date wise Employees / Whole Program Attendance can be maintained easily
  • Training Locations, Training Venues, Special Needs during training, Expectation from the training can be defined
  • On the basis of predefined Priority scheme training program can be allotted for the limited no of seat

Employee Appraisal Management
  • Company Objectives, Initiatives can be defined
  • Goals/KRA derived from Company Initiatives can be maintained
  • Job Description (JD) based goals are maintained
  • Goal sheet allocation for the employees with workflow between manager and employee can be done
  • Upon Goal Sheet Approval by employee and manager, goal sheet is assigned to the employee
  • Employee can regularly keep posting goal progress which is automatically available to manager
  • At the appraisal event, managers can view goal sheet achievement and rate the goal sheet
  • KRA / competencies / QA forms can be designed by the user and can be allotted to employees at the time of appraisal
  • Notes can be put in by Managers, dotted managers
  • 360 degree appraisal can be achieved where Managers, Subordinates, Peer group, Customers, Vendors can rate the employee based on various user defined parameters
  • Normalisation of appraisal score provided for HR function
  • Appraisal result is available at the time for Promotions/increments
  • Appraisal is fully automated, user defined and workflow based with email intimations
  • Not closed Appraisals and conflicts can be tracked

Attendance & Leave Management
  • Flexibility to Create Leave Policy as per companya�?s requirement
  • Yearly Credit of Leave/ Pro rata basis
  • Monthly Increment of Leave on Pro-rata basis
  • Carry forward facility for balance leave
  • Encashment of Leave / Encashment In excess of Leave
  • Leave Utilizes & Balances can be checked
  • Automatic Leave payout on termination of Employees (in Full & Final Settlement)
  • Swipe card / Attendance machine if any can be linked to our software Attendance Arrears
  • Monthly Attendance Register & Yearly Attendance Summary
  • Attendance / Leave Ledger Submission of online Leave Application and supporting workflow
  • Parameters setting for Leave application
  • Different types of leave application like SL, PL, CL, COMP Off, OT, OD, OUT STATION, TRAINING
  • Attendance regularization for forgot punch card, Late mark wavier, Early departure waiver
  • Employee can check Leave balance before applying.
  • Approval Workflow a�� Apply, Accepted & Rejected with auto mail Intimation User & respective authority
  • Anytime leave ledger
Exit Management
  • Employee can place the request of exit online
  • Request can be approved or rejected by the immediate authority
  • Exit request is sent to each concerned department heads for Approval
  • Superiors can input exit requests for their subordinates
  • Department Head can input/track receivables from the employee
  • Upon clearance from department heads, Email intimation to respective authority for their further course of action
  • Auto transfer of data to Payroll for full & final settlement calculation
Work Flow
  • News
  • Announcements
  • Company Documents
  • FAQ
  • Kiosk
  • Polls
  • Query
  • Survey
  • Leave Application
  • Reimbursement Request
  • TDS Declaration & Tax Planner
Employee Self Service Module
  • Each employee is provided with an online account
  • Employees can login and view their
  • Submit their Income Tax Declarations
  • Submit Leave Application
  • Submit Reimbursement Bills
  • Improves administrative responsiveness & efficiency.
  • Enables greater employee satisfaction, fuels productivity.
  • Delivers significant cost & time savings for Payroll/HR department
  • ESS gives employees direct access to their month-end / year-end paperwork. They can download, print and save these documents themselves
Tax Planner
  • Enter the Investment details and get the instant projections for TDS
  • Tax planning can be done with this tool easily, by testing various combinations of testing and get the best combination
User Rights
  • Users can be created
  • User Level Rights can be created and managed
  • Role based Security Model/ Assign rights to Payroll Officers for Managing different groups of employees
Software Architecture
  • Completely Web based product
  • Designed using State of art technology. ASP.NET 3.5 + MS SQL
  • Software installation on clients machines are not required
  • All authorized personnel can login to the system and do the required functionality as per their rights
  • Audit Trails

MRP: Rs. 9,999/- (Unlimited Companies)

(Includes Remote/Online Installation, Training Centre, One year unlimited telephonic & email support )

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